Economic Security

Increased reliance on foreign sources of oil hurts our economic security, because global crises lead to less reliability, more supply disruptions and unpredictable energy prices.

Rising energy prices don’t just mean more pain at the gas pump — they also mean that American employers are spending less money on investing in new jobs.  Consumers also have less money in their wallets to spend on American-made goods and services.

America's energy industry is already a big job producer, supporting more than 10.3 million U.S. jobs, including 2.1 million workers directly employed to explore, produce, refine, transport and market the oil and gas.  Further, a Gallup Poll last year found that energy-producing states are among the best in job creation.

It is estimated that an additional 530,000 jobs could be created by 2025 by allowing access to oil and natural gas resources currently off-limits. 

An ICF International study estimates that thousands of additional jobs could be created in South Carolina alone through increased offshore energy production.

More North American energy production — especially here in South Carolina — will lead to greater energy independence, which is the key to fueling American jobs, growth and prosperity.

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