Balanced Energy

America now occupies a position of energy leadership that was unthinkable a short time ago. These developments are strengthening America's energy and economic security and benefiting tens of millions of individuals. With both American and world energy demand expected to increase in the future, the continued availability of the full range of America’s energy resources will continue to grow in importance.


Offshore Energy

South Carolina's offshore oil and natural gas resources can increase energy security and drive new jobs. These resources can also add billions of dollars in revenue to fund schools, roads and other much-needed services.


Natural Gas




SC Jobs & Economy

Offshore access to South Carolina's rich stores of oil and natural gas would strengthen our nation's energy and national security, and boost the Palmetto State's economy.


Economic Security


Ozone Impact in the States


National Energy Issues

It is imperative the industry, in coordination with citizens and policymakers work together to maintain America's position as a global leader.