The SEA Jobs Act: Connecting Industry and STEM Training

Just as one wouldn't use a computer from the 1970s to access today's Internet, the United States shouldn't be relying on data from 40-year-old technology to give a clear picture of our energy resources.  

Study says S.C. would benefit from offshore drilling

A new analysis of drilling for oil and gas off South Carolina's coast says such energy extraction would be a net win for the state, even if production is relatively light and environmental impacts are on the higher end.  

Time is right for seismic testing

With the initial approval of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) for seismic testing off the Atlantic states, South Carolina is presented with a unique opportunity to evaluate our available resources in an environmentally responsible manner.  

DCM approves seismic survey

The National Science Foundation will be able to start seismic surveys on Monday off Cape Hatteras.  

The Science Behind the Seismic Decision

The Department of Interior's BOEM explains the facts about seismic.  

Will The US Lift Ban On Crude Exports?

...US crude oil production has exceeded that of Saudi Arabia and Russia, making it the world's biggest producer of both oil and natural gas during first quarter this year.  

US trade deficit narrows in June. What's fueling the decline?

An oil and gas boom helped drive the US trade deficit to a five-month low in June...  

From Seoul to Mexico City, pressure mounts to ease U.S. oil export ban

Washington is facing growing international pressure to ease its long standing ban on crude oil exports, with South Korea and Mexico joining the European Union in pressing the case for U.S. oil shipments overseas.