Fracking Rule Could Slow Energy Revolution

Onshore production of natural gas in federal areas fell 21.6 percent. The reason is federal policy. In contrast, state and private lands production increased 57.4 percent.  

Haley opposes new ozone limits

Gov. Nikki Haley has joined 10 other Republican governors opposing stricter limits on ozone emissions. The new limits were proposed last year by the Obama administration. Republican legislators balked at it.  

Debate over controversial offshore drilling in Mount Pleasant

Today in Mount Pleasant state lawmakers and conservationists spoke out about potential offshore drilling in South Carolina. Officials weighed the pros and cons of drilling for oil and natural gas, and who will be affected if this does happen off the Carolina coast.  

Choose energy security for America - and South Carolina

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, better known as OPEC, is losing control of the oil marketplace. U.S. oil production - namely from our shale revolution - is now the oil market's rudder. The U.S. has unquestionably become an energy superpower.  

Dozens of people, including 2 US congressmen, attend SC meeting on drilling off the Carolinas

Two congressmen, opponents holding signs and dozens of others turned out Wednesday as the federal government held another public meeting on the contentious issue of opening wide swaths of the Atlantic off the Carolinas coast to oil and natural gas exploration.  

This Week's Top Energy Jobs

The energy industry - oil & gas sector in particular - is bracing itself for a massive wave of retirements... companies are looking to the next generation of candidates with skills ranging from finance, geology, engineering, law, etc.  

Why $100 Oil Won't Be Coming Back for a Long Time

A growing consensus is emerging from the likes of BP Plc, the International Energy Agency, shale wildcatters and even the Saudis that a near-term recovery to $100-a-barrel crude isn't in the cards. Instead, expect a range of $50 to $60 for at least the next few years.  

Coastal governors seek federal plan for sharing offshore revenue

Seven governors from coastal states recently agreed to seek consolidated federal legislation establishing a multi-state plan for sharing revenue from federal offshore energy development.